I carry out photo and video shooting on camera and from a drone of any event, business and project.

Shooting with a professional camera Sony A7IV.
Photos in 7K quality.
Record video in 4K and FHD quality.
Drone filming in 4K quality.

The number of photographers, cameramen and equipment is sufficient for any project.

There is an opportunity to run your advertisement/video on television.
Place of work - all over Georgia and abroad.
Official registration. Work with individuals and companies.

For any questions, please contact us by phone.

Shooting directions:

- Wedding
- Baptism
- Birthday
- Activity
- Individual shooting
- Studio photography
- Family photography
- Photographing children
- Kindergartens
- Last call
- Object shooting
- Clip/Film/Report
- Business photography
- Factories/production
- Interior
- Cars

And much more...

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Wedding videoshooting

A wedding day is a special day that should remain in the memory of the newlyweds, relatives and friends with happy and bright memories.

Videography is the best way to capture and recreate these historical moments for your family in the future.

Video recording has a much stronger perception and impression on people than photography. In the video you can see the action, hear the voices of relatives, laughter, emotions, blessings, wishes...

We offer two types of videoshooting: wedding clip and/or wedding film.

Wedding clip - 2-3 minute beautiful video with music overlay, best moments, slow motion footage, original color on the video.

Wedding film - 30-50 minute film consisting of all the footage shot for the whole day (Wedding in Church, walk, restaurant, interview).

Capture your happy moments in family history with videoshooting.

Film & Clip Videoshooting

Business videoshooting

Wedding videoshooting

Music Clip Videoshooting

Drone videofilming

Goods shooting

Reportage after apartment renovation

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